About the Registration System

In 2010, the Department identified a need in many communities for a comprehensive, Internet-based vaccination pre-registration system. This application would allow the ability to pre-register citizens for yearly influenza clinics and also assist in providing a controlled means of distributing vaccine during a pandemic event such the 2009/10 H1N1 flu. Now known as “ClinicACE”, this system was originally developed in-house by Department staff in 2010.

ClinicACE not only gives town health departments control over the number of participants based on the number of doses available by allowing for pre-registration, but also automatically assigns each registrant an appointment time and allows them to pre-print consent forms to be filled out ahead of time. This provides for a smoother-functioning clinic and improved customer service. Furthermore, ClinicACE virtually eliminates bottlenecks caused by registrants having to fill out forms during their appointment, reducing long lines and wait times typical of walk-in style clinics. ClinicACE has been used successfully by six towns in Barnstable County and handled many thousands of pre-registrations, saving towns and tax payers time and money.

This website represents the second iteration of ClinicAce. The previous version of ClinicAce identified a number of needs which have been integrated into this new system. Among some of the improvements:

The program is administered by Environmental Project Assistant Brian Baumgaertel.